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EXPOSIBRAM 2017: Registration open

Registration is open for the 17th Brazilian Mining Congress, which is held in parallel with the International Mining Congress (EXPOSIBRAM). The event is being organised by the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM) and will take place between the 18th and 21st September 2017, in Belo Horizonte (MG).

The cost of registration varies according to category and payment terms. IBRAM members and non-members, university professors or students, and senior professionals can obtain better prices by paying in advance online. Registration can be made online with a credit card or via a bank payment slip until 14th September. After this date, registration can only be made at the event location.

The Brazilian Mining Congress welcomes between 1,500 and 2,000 congress-goers at each edition. The event programme considers the global political and socioeconomic context, as well as the outlook for the next few decades as indicated by mining companies. In order to enrich the debates, IBRAM organises a programme that includes master talks, workshops and talk shows, amongst others.

The event will welcome the main national and international leaders of the mineral sector, in addition to representatives of the federal, state and municipal governments, the academic community and civil society. A simultaneous translation service will be provided for all congress sessions bar, except the technical talks.

International Mining Exhibition

Run in parallel to the congress, EXPOSIBRAM will have 15 thousand m² of stands manned by global mining companies and large product and service providers, presenting the latest technological innovations, equipment, software and other products connected to the mining industry.

The fair stands out as a centre of opportunities, given many companies organise project launches, sign partnerships, close business deals and make contacts, in turn strengthening their image in this important market. It is expected that more than 50,000 people will visit during the four days of the event.



EXPOSIBRAM 2017: promote your products and services at America's biggest mining exhibition.


Considered one of Latin America's biggest mining exhibitions, EXPOSIBRAM will feature 13 thousand m² of stands manned by representatives of the main global mining companies and large product and service providers.


Every two years, the city of Belo Horizonte (MG) becomes the centre for mineral-sector debates and business with EXPOSIBRAM and the Brazilian Mining Congress. Organised by the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM), with sponsorship provided by large companies linked to mining, EXPOSIBRAM is currently the biggest window for companies to generate important business.


In 2017, the 17th edition of the event will be held between the 18th and 21st September at the George Norman Kutova Exhibition and Fair Centre (EXPOMINAS).


Considered one of Latin America's biggest mining exhibitions, EXPOSIBRAM will feature 13 thousand m² of stands manned by representatives of the main global mining companies and large product and service providers, who will present the latest technology, equipment, software and other products connected to the mineral industry, in addition to data on investments and management. Don't miss this mega event.


Held in parallel to the Exhibition, the Brazilian Mining Congress typically reveals the trends of this important productive segment and attracts around two thousand participants, comprising specialists, researchers, students and company representatives. The event programme considers the global political and socioeconomic context, as well as the outlook for the next few decades as indicated by mining companies. In addition, the congress provides a stage for national and international leaders to discuss the challenges of the mineral sector and new trends to increase its social sustainability.


It is expected that more than 50,000 people will visit during the four days of both events.


Guarantee your place! Associate your brand with one of the world's most important mining events. For more information about the types of sponsorship and merchandising, visit www.exposibram.org.br.



Interview - EXPOSIBRAM: "The most important theme of this edition is the reputation of the mineral industry"


IBRAM's Director of Environmental Issues, Rinanldo Mancin, talks about his expectations for the 17th edition of EXPOSIBRAM and highlights the main themes of the congress programme.


EXPOSIBRAM is an event of great importance which brings together various important names and entities of the national and international mineral sector. What are your expectations for this edition?


EXPOSIBRAM and the Brazilian Mining Congress have been organised by IBRAM for almost four decades. They are established events and are amongst the biggest of their kind in the mineral sector.

They attract hundreds of exhibitors from around the world, who are looking for good business opportunities here in Brazil. Similarly, thousands of people attend the Mining Congress, where the present and future of the Brazilian mining industry is debated. Important national and international names of the sector will be present.

In terms of expectations, we want to transmit a positive message regarding the relevance of the mineral sector and its capacity for huge investments, which have the potential to transform local realities, generating skilled jobs and significant income, without overlooking the fact that mining projects are developed in line with modern views of sustainability, respecting the local communities and constantly striving for the conscious use of environmental assets and efficient risk management.


The event has become one of the most important international gatherings dedicated to mining and sector-related activities. What are main highlights of this year's programme?


We have selected multiple themes this year, some in partnership with entities who are experts in the respective fields. I would highlight:

a) The panel on Mining and Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS), in partnership with PNUD and Columbia University (NY);

b) The panel Mining Dams - evolution in safety management, in partnership with the University of British Columbia, from Vancouver, Canada;

c) The panel Emergencies and Disasters: preparation and response strategies for the mining sector, in partnership with the University Centre for Disaster Studies and Research (CEPED), from the State Civil Defence of Paraná.

d) A talk show about the reputation of the mineral industry, involving the participation of important national and international names.


What is the most important theme of EXPOSIBRAM 2017? Why?

The most important theme is the reputation of the mineral industry. It will be very important to address this subject during our congress. Reflecting on the industry's reputation will be fundamental to improving the relationship with all mining stakeholders. We will invite experts on the subject as well as representatives of the mining companies to discuss the reputation of the mineral sector.

"A Look at the Future of Mining" is the theme of the 17th edition of the Brazilian Mining Congress. What is your forecast for the mineral sector over the next few years?

Society needs to understand mining better, particularly the Brazilian society, and this is our biggest challenge; to demystify the sector, increase awareness and show how mining affects people's day-to-day lives. Few people realise that ores play a role in their lives, from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep, from birth to death. One interesting case is that of the green economy, especially the use of electrical cars, new forms of energy generation such as solar and photovoltaic panels, and the new generation of batteries that will drive the world and generate lower CO2 emissions. Contrary to popular belief, this clean energy future will demand more ores and mineral activity will therefore need to be intensified in order to meet demand, not reduced. Mining forms the basis of all other industries. We are the industry of industries. Without mining commodities, it is impossible to produce other consumer goods, even in agriculture.

Furthermore, access to new mineral territories, community relationships, and conflicts in the use of natural resources, in other words, the "social licence to operate" is increasingly complex and challenging, and will require mining companies to be more creative, more transparent and more closely integrated with society.

Could it be said that events like EXPOSIBRAM have the potential to raise the spirits of the business community?

Without a shadow of a doubt. Our biggest indicator is that the EXPOSIBRAM exhibitors always give positive feedback and want to return for the next edition.

As I previously mentioned, EXPOSIBRAM is one of the world's biggest mining events. The eyes of the entire mining productive chain will therefore be drawn to the Brazilian event, as Brazil has enormous mineral potential.

Brazil has a huge geological potential. How can the country become more attractive for investors in the mining sector? Can EXPOSIBRAM help?

Legal certainty is a crucial element in attracting investment, as it is always long-term in mining. The certainty that the rules of the game are not going to change is therefore fundamental. However, we still have problems with environmental licencing, as in many cases it takes much longer than expected, deadlines are missed and project costs end up being very high.

Another important point is Brazil's labour legislation, one of the most complex in the world and very expensive for businesses. For example, the legislation for underground mines, which was originated in the 1940s, has not developed in line with the evolution that has been seen in safety and work environment in the last 70 years. Tax exoneration and flexibility in the sector would be good for the country, and would attract more investment.

EXPOSIBRAM has always been the stage for discussing such challenges. The political class and businesspeople gather at the event to freely debate the panorama of the sector and its prospects. The event always provides good access to national and international media so that the positions defended by the mineral sector can be easily disseminated to society.

What is the main message that you would like to send to the participants of this edition of EXPOSIBRAM?

Come and take part in the one of the mineral industry's biggest events in the world. We are going to show society the strength of Brazilian mining!


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